The 20 Famous And Three Very Random People Kobe Bryant Follows On Twitter


Danny Moloshok / Reuters
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Kobe Bryant is off to a strong start on Twitter. His account, @kobebryant, was verified on Friday, and he already has more than 564,000 followers. His tweets are about exactly what you would expect from Kobe Bryant.

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5. The most interesting facet of Kobe’s Twitter is the list of people he follows. There’s a pretty standard list of teammates and outrageously famous people…

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6. … and then there’s this group. A high school student, Bryce Harper, and two other completely random people.

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7. So what’s it like as an Average Joe to be followed by Kobe Bryant?

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8. Kobe even gave one these people a retweet.

Kobe Bryant truly cares about his fans and the commu…..HAHA just kidding.

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Danny Moloshok / Reuters
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