Bode Miller Injures His Wife In A Freak Golf Accident

Maybe stick to skiing, Bode. (WARNING: graphic image.)

Alessandro Trovati / AP
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Five-time Olympic medalist Bode Miller is enjoying life with his new bride, former Cal Bears volleyball player Morgan Beck. Lately, the pair have been golfing together.

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4. Just two days later, though, Bode struck an errant shot that hit Morgan in the face.

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Morgan also posted a photo of the damage done by the golf ball. WARNING: This is a scary, scary photo that may be used in future episodes of “The Walking Dead.”

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7. Luckily for Mrs. Miller, the glasses she was wearing at the time prevented a direct blow to the eye.

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8. What lesson has this taught us? Always dress like this guy.

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(h/t Chris Mottram at SB Nation)

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