A Condor Escaped At A Minor League Hockey Game

One brave bird’s slippery quest for freedom.

The Bakersfield Condors of the ECHL decided to honor the largest North American land bird by bringing an actual, live condor onto the ice. A natural scavenger, the condor escaped its handler and hunted for Don Cherry or other carrion. This is what ensued.

ID: 877750

2. The condor, sensing prey and irritated by a sub-par national anthem, escaped the grasp of its handler.

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3. Surprisingly, a condor’s talons aren’t well-equipped to walk on ice.

ID: 877982

4. The handler caught the condor, but took a nasty spill while trying to get back to the carpet.

ID: 877988

6. He scurried over to the bench and terrified the players.

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7. This guy wasn’t about to mess with a condor.

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8. Joe Krathwohl, the “Birdman of Las Vegas” who handled the condor, tried to explain what happened.

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9. Here’s the whole escape.

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H/T Sean Newell at Deadspin

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