9 Examples Of Notre Dame Fans Acting Very Smug

The smuggest in the nation, by far.

1. This uninspired stab at Alabama.

ID: 775442

2. This slightly funnier but still reprehensible shirt.

ID: 775432

3. Naming a dog “Domer.”

ID: 775502

4. Claiming this sign as a “Notre Dame tradition.”

The “Play Like A Champion Today” sign didn’t come from Notre Dame, it has a history at Oklahoma dating back to the 1940s. It didn’t appear in the Notre Dame locker room until the Lou Holtz era.

ID: 775628

5. Creating Knute Rockne parody Twitter accounts.

ID: 775853

6. Puffing out their proudly independent chests on message boards.

Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

From IrishEnvy user ACamp1900.

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Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

From IrishEnvy user NDinFL.

ID: 775789

From IrishEnvy user Kuehnja.

ID: 775761
Dave Martin / AP

From IrishEnvy user HereComeTheIrish.

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