The RGIII Grieving Process In 26 GIFs

It’s going to be a long off-season.

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Robert Griffin III suffered a terrible twist to his already-injured right knee in the Redskins’ season-ending loss to the Seahawks this weekend, and early reports suggest that RGIII could be out for a very, very long time. Griffin, who has already torn his ACL once while at Baylor, will undergo tests Tuesday after initial MRI proved inconclusive, according to ESPN. Richmond television station WRIC reported that Griffin was expected to be out for a minimum of 14-18 months, though that report has since been retracted. If RGIII has suffered another torn ACL, it is expected he’ll miss at least nine months, and at any rate, the Redskins will have to plan to be without their star quarterback for the near future.

Given Griffin’s impact on the Redskins and the city of Washington (remember Griffining?), it’s important to be prepared for how severely ravaged Redskins fans will be without RGIII.

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1. At first they will be shocked at the recovery time and overcome with rage.

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The computer represents Mike Shanahan.

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10. And visions of a year with Kirk Cousins at the helm will flash before their eyes.

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Redskins fans will try to stave off full-blown depression by thinking about Alfred Morris.

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But as the playoffs end and RGIII live-tweets rehab, they will break down.

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18. “He’ll be back by Week 4! Right?! Right??”

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19. Wrong. He’s gone, Redskins fans.

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22. And for the entirety of the offseason, Redskins fans will lose the will to tune into the draft or sign up for fantasy football.

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24. It’s important to be supportive in this trying time.

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