20 College Campus Pics That Will Make You Never Want Fall To End

Twenty-seven percent of people pick fall as their favorite season. But even the spring, summer, and winter fans will appreciate these autumn photos from colleges across the nation.

1. Denison University / Via College Prowler

It’s colorful in East Quad.

2. Westminster College - Utah / Via College Prowler

Every season has a different beauty to offer in Utah, but hiking during the autumn season can be especially rewarding.

3. Augustana College - Rock Island / Via College Prowler

This photo looks like something Bob Ross would paint. Check out those happy tree reflections in the water.

4. Walla Walla University / Via College Prowler

It may be mostly rainy and chilly, but the autumn leaves brighten the mood.

5. Cairn University / Via College Prowler

Who can study when you have a scene like this?

6. Wheaton College - Massachusetts / Via College Prowler

This pond is called Peacock Pond. Could it be because of all the beautiful colors in the fall?

7. Bucknell University / Via College Prowler

Is it just us or is the Engineering Building desperately trying to match the foliage in this photo?

8. Northland College / Via College Prowler

Underrated perk of fall: the crunch of autumn leaves beneath your shoes.

9. University of Rhode Island / Via College Prowler

You can’t beat the sun peeking between the trees as you walk around campus.

10. Clark University / Via College Prowler

Atwood Hall on a beautiful day.

11. College of Wooster / Via College Prowler

Doesn’t this photo make you want to gather up all of these leaves and jump in them?

12. Earlham College / Via College Prowler

So many beautiful trees, so little time.

13. Colgate University / Via College Prowler

An enjoyable view from your dorm.

14. University of Denver / Via College Prowler

Mixed in with the Rocky Mountains are these vibrant bushes.

15. Michigan State University / Via College Prowler

The Red Cedar River during the onset of fall.

16. Quinnipiac University / Via College Prowler

This fall photo brought to you from Sleeping Giant, a mountain that overlooks the Connecticut campus.

17. Yale University / Via College Prowler

A view of Old Campus and old summer leaves.

18. Lehigh University / Via College Prowler

Can you get this shade of tree in lipstick form?

19. Lafayette College / Via College Prowler

Autumn makes that long walk home from the gym worth the trek (and the extra exercise).

20. Carleton College / Via College Prowler

Don’t forget to take a walk in the fall before winter gets here. It’s the most wonderful time of year on many college campuses.

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