The Best Hockey Moments In Movies And TV

We all love watching the unforgettable moments that arise during NHL games. But movies and TV shows have also conveyed the spirit and passion of the sport.

Check out some of our favorite hockey moments from film and television, and don’t miss Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals in a win-or-go-home, Stanley Cup Conference Semifinals Game 7 showdown against the New York Rangers tonight at 7:30 p.m. ET on the NBC Sports Network. Click here for channel listings in your area. And did you know the Cup has its own Facebook page?

1. Puddy Supports His Devils On “Seinfeld”

Jerry and Kramer knew Puddy supported the New Jersey Devils by going to games with his face painted. But when they went with him to see the Devils take on the Rangers, they forgot to consider how the rivalry between the teams would make the fanatic fan in Puddy even more apparent.

2. The Ducks Make It To The Championships In “The Mighty Ducks”

In the middle of the championships, Coach Bombay gave a great pep talk to the Ducks. He told them to play fair and have fun, and to get the Hawks “where it hurts the most…” which, when you’re in the pee-wee league, is just on the scoreboard.

3. Robin Unleashes Her Canadian Accent On “How I Met Your Mother”

Robin Scherbatsky from “How I Met Your Mother” loves hockey so much she would die for it. And when she’s been drinking, everyone knows it’s time to insist she do some target practice.

4. Coach Brooks Addresses Team USA In “Miracle”

One of the most powerful scenes in “Miracle” was when Coach Brooks convinced his players it was their time to win. They listened to him intently, and then when they beat Russia, even our goosebumps got goosebumps.

5. Tommy Gavin’s Excellent Prayer Before The NYPD/FDNY Game On “Rescue Me”

As the captain of the FDNY hockey team, it was Tommy Gavin’s job to give a compelling pep talk before the game against the NYPD. But as we can see, he picked the wrong day to accidentally take some pills that were prescribed for his wife.

6. Youngblood Scores A Late Penalty In “Youngblood”

Youngblood knew scoring that penalty shot would be tough when the goalie started doing the splits. But he persevered, and even felt comfortable enough to show the goalie how fancy footwork always trumps flexibility.

7. Tina Fey Loves Making Hockey Jokes On “30 Rock”

In its six seasons on the air, “30 Rock” has referred to hockey a ton of times. New York Magazine compiled most of the jokes and made a great video that shows how hockey is a sore spot for most New Yorkers.

8. Coach Bombay’s Pep Talk In “D2: The Mighty Ducks”

In the beginning of the game against Iceland, players on Team U.S.A. were repeatedly penalized for fighting. They told Coach Bombay they were trying to maintain their pride in a game they knew they were going to lose, but he said the best way to beat Iceland was to remember they weren’t from Iceland.

9. South Park Plays Adams County In “South Park”

In the “Stanley’s Cup” episode of “South Park,” Stan was the coach to the Park County Pee-Wee hockey team. Despite their poor skills, Stan let his players take on the Adams County team. Luckily, they never pulled off anything more complicated than furrowing their brows.

10. The Hanson Brothers In “Slap Shot”

We first met the Hanson brothers when they were beating up a soda machine after it ate their money. Their new coach, Reggie Dunlop, was quick to criticize their lack of intelligence, but eventually he remembered he wasn’t tasked with assembling a math team.

11. Lisa Is A Great Goalie In “The Simpsons”

In “Lisa On Ice,” Lisa and Bart’s relationship was tested when they played on different hockey teams. The faceoff ultimately helped them appreciate each other more, but obviously Homer wasn’t able to walk away from the rink with the same kind of personal growth.

12. Denny Crane Tries To Engrave His Name On The Cup In “Boston Legal”

On “Boston Legal,” Denny Crane (William Shatner) shocked Alan Shore (James Spader) when he tried to engrave his name on the Stanley Cup. Denny claimed he “contributed” to the Boston Bruins 1970 Stanley Cup championship, even though loaning someone a jock strap for the day isn’t normally considered meritorious.

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