25 Ways You Know You Go To Guelph

Only the luckiest get to attend UOG.

1. You make it a daily duty to see what the cannon is looking like.

ID: 2732201

whether its the confusing…

ID: 2732217

the crazy…

ID: 2732218

or the just plain adorable.

ID: 2732219
Via Puppies in Training Page.

2. You have been told many times that there is a proper way to approach guide dogs… But you still get too excited and do it wrong every time.

ID: 2732220

3. Aggie Jackets. As far as the eye can see.

ID: 2732221

4. You know that Darla is the best chemistry student UOG has ever had.

ID: 2732222

5. You have seen at least one person wipe out on the death trap, that is an icy Johnston Green.

ID: 2732224

6. With that, you also know that any class in War Memorial is bound to be your worst grade…

ID: 2732227

7. You know that Franks is full of under age girls.. and over aged men…

ID: 2732233

8. You have accepted squirrels as a part of the student body.

ID: 2732234

9. Overheard at Guelph is your source of entertainment for random pictures and ridiculous fights.

ID: 2732244

10. Trivia at Brass Taps is more stressful than finals

ID: 2732253

11. Pep rally was one of your favourite memories of frosh week in first year.

ID: 2732277

12. You know that if you’re selecting your classes on the last day… you’re more than likely going to see this..

ID: 2732287

13. You have questioned at least once why you didn’t go into engineering after walking by all the warm bodies in Thorn while its negative twenty outside..

ID: 2732290

14. You know better than to think Aggie Pub.. is indeed a pub..

ID: 2732295

15. You know trying to find a black person is like trying to find Waldo..

ID: 2732300

…. if your a boy you also know how easy it is to get a girl. That 7 to 3 ratio works in your favour.

ID: 2732301

16. Thursdays are the nights you most likely black out.. Who says no to dollar beers at Trappers?

ID: 2732307

17. CHEM1040, ruining first years lives since 1964.

ID: 2732309

18. You are already prepared for the farm jokes that you get every time you go home. Yes. We have a large agricultural population. No. That does not mean we ride cows to class.

ID: 2732312

19. The free drunk bus.. because after paying tuition who really has money for cabs?

ID: 2732314

20. The competition the first week back to school to get the cheapest books off The Cannon.com … because who actually uses the book store?

ID: 2732318

21. You know that the only feelings online labs will bring are anxiety and desperation.

ID: 2732319

22. Guelphs food being ranked #1 … helping freshmen gain the fifteen happily

ID: 2732322

23. Since you are surrounded by some of the nicest people on earth, it is not uncommon to find compliments around the library..

ID: 2732323

….. and suckers…

ID: 2732324

.. and of course, the combinations of both food and compliments.

ID: 2732325

24. You will never think of south as ‘south’… It will forever be remembered as The Dirty South.

ID: 2732326

25. You know that no matter what - you would rather step in shit at Guelph, than sleep with it at Western!


ID: 2732327

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