Sugar Gliders As Pets

They are undeniably adorable, but require careful consideration.

1. It all starts when you see this little guy on the internet.

ID: 819015

2. You’re all:

ID: 819027

5. They fit in the palm of your hand.

ID: 819066

6. And FLY!

Well, more like jump and glide.

ID: 819071

7. It’s like having your own squirrel.

ID: 819087

8. You can put them in your pocket.

ID: 819110

11. Give them tiny snacks!

ID: 819118

12. Place them on small objects.

ID: 820195


ID: 819123

14. That’s it, you’re buying a sugar glider.

ID: 819148

16. You read about them on wikipedia, but ignore the cons and decide cuteness overpowers all.

ID: 819273

17. You do a search on craigslist and arrange to meet with the seller.

ID: 819290

18. Congratulations, you’ve done it.

ID: 819795

19. You’re so excited.

ID: 819815

20. You can’t wait to do this:

ID: 819827

21. And this:

ID: 820211

22. But your new pet isn’t very friendly. Google says they take a long time to build trust.

Side note: Sugar Gliders are much better in pairs.

ID: 819859

23. OUCH, that little bugger can bite.

ID: 819880

24. And OMG what is that smell?!

ID: 819904

25. Seriously, why is this thing so messy?

ID: 819920

26. Yep, it just peed on you.

ID: 819926

27. WTF was that noise?!

ID: 820115
ID: 820118

29. You just want to sleep and this nocturnal demon seed is making a ruckus.

ID: 820126

30. It wants all your attention.

ID: 820201

31. But doesn’t trust you yet.

ID: 820208

32. It will take time and patience to develop a proper relationship.

ID: 820226

33. But you can do it!

ID: 820245

34. In the meantime, enjoy the cuteness.

ID: 820258

35. And remember to always research the pros and cons BEFORE buying a pet.

ID: 820263

All GIFs found via tumblr.

Click here for more info on Sugar Gliders.

ID: 820284

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