25 Dogs Bundled Up For Winter

Grab your blankets, jackets, and boots — it’s cold outside!

1. This dog that’s pretty in pink.

ID: 823064

2. This dog with curly chest hair.

ID: 823066

3. This dog that’s wearing a hat far too large for its body.

ID: 823068

4. This dog that looks incredibly warm.

ID: 823069

5. This dog rocking red booties.

ID: 823070

6. This dog that has a flair for flannel.

ID: 823076

7. This dog that appreciates high boots.

ID: 823081

8. This dog that makes blue look so good.

ID: 823083

9. These dogs that are smart enough to protect their ears.

ID: 823084

10. This fashion-forward pup.

ID: 823086

11. This dog that enjoys rainbow-like wardrobe.

ID: 823088

12. These dogs that needed an extra coat of fur.

ID: 823091

13. This dog that takes strolls in the snow.

ID: 823143

14. This dog that is just straight-up cold.

ID: 823147

15. This dog that has fabulous shoes.

ID: 823149

16. This adorable hot dog with a super-cute yellow sweater.

ID: 823156

17. This daring corgi.

ID: 823157

18. This dog that likes blankets.

ID: 823159

19. This dog that wins all cuteness awards in life.

ID: 823163

20. This little pug that bought a scarf.

ID: 823171

21. This fluffy pup with matching attire.

ID: 823174

22. This dog wrapped in a blanket.

ID: 823175

23. This dog that’s not afraid to mismatch.

ID: 823178

24. This dog in a onesie for chilly nights.

ID: 823180

25. This dog that loves Paul Frank gear.

ID: 823182

BONUS: Jiff the Pomeranian bundling up.

ID: 823205

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