16 Words That Mean Something Totally Different To Florida State Seminoles


1. “Chop”

What it usually means: Something you do to vegetables.


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2. “Birthday”

What it usually means: A celebration of your date of birth.

What it means to ‘Noles: That time of the year you jump in the Westcott Fountain.

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3. “Parking”

What it usually means: A place where you park your car.

What it means to ‘Noles: A literal hellscape in which you offer to drive people to their vehicles just so you can steal their spot.

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4. “Jerk”

What it usually means: Someone who’s acting like a dick.

What it means to ‘Noles: PPS. SCREW PPS.

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5. “Pregnant”

What it usually means: When a woman is going to have a baby.

What it means to ‘Noles: What the Thagard Health Center told you the problem was, even though you only had food poisioning.

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6. “Legend”

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What it usually means: A monumental piece of history.

What it means to ‘Noles: Bobby Bowden.

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7. “Library”

What it usually means: A quiet place where people go to study or read.

What it means to ‘Noles: Party at Club Stroz haaaayyyy.

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8. “Glitter”


What it usually means: The herpes of arts and crafts.

What it means to ‘Noles: The amazing Garnet and Gold duo you absolutely must get a pic with before you graduate.

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9. “Logo”


What it usually means: The symbol of a company or organziation.

What it means to ‘Noles: UGH.

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10. “Capitol”

What it usually means: That building in D.C. where the legislature meets.

What it means to ‘Noles: [Insert penis joke]

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11. “Publix”

What it usually means: The greatest grocery store on Earth.

What it means to ‘Noles: “Playboy named Club Pub one of the best spots to pick up women.”

Also, the place that has better defense against the Seminoles than the Gators.

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12. “Suwannee”

What it usually means: A river in Georgia and Florida.

What it means to ‘Noles: A dining hall with your all-time fave Mrs. Killings!

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13. “Gators”

What it usually means: A type of animal.

What it means to ‘Noles: LOL gurl bye.

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14. “Grove”

What it usually means: A small group of trees.

What it means to ‘Noles: Where bad decisions are made.

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15. “Strip”

What it usually means: When someone takes their clothes off.

What it means to ‘Noles: A row of bars you visit every weekend your freshman year.

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16. “Stadium”

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What it usually means: A venue where sports are played.

What it means to ‘Noles: “Hogwarts [Doak] will always be there to welcome you home.”

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Go Noles!

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