Kim Davis does not return to court to appear before judge, will be jailed indefinitely.
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Kentucky Clerk Is Jailed Until She Issues Marriage Licenses As Five Deputies Say They Would Do So

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5 hours ago Judge David Bunning held Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis in contempt of court and ordered federal marshals to take her into custody after a hearing Thursday. BuzzFeed News’ Dominic Holden is at the courthouse in Ashland.

A Suicide On CO Row

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3 days ago Scott Jones loved being a correctional officer at California’s High Desert State Prison. Then he watched his colleagues commit enough abuses that he saw no choice but to break the code of silence, turning himself into a pariah in a…

South Carolina Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty For Charleston Church Shooter

By Tasneem Nashrulla | 4 hours ago

Ninth Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson said Thursday that her office will seek the death penalty for Dylann Roof — the 21-year-old accused of…

Judge Overturns Tom Brady's Four-Game Suspension

By Lindsey Adler | 5 hours ago

Tom Brady will not be suspended for four games after he was allegedly “generally aware” of a scheme to deflate AFC Championship game…

Rand Paul: "Real Mistake" And "Step Back" To Jail Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis

By Kyle Blaine | 2 hours ago

The Kentucky senator told CNN’s Brianna Keilar that its “absurd” to jail Davis for exercising her religious beliefs.

Recent developments in the migrant crisis, in which people are fleeing war-torn Middle East countries for Europe, have brought international outrage and calls for action.

The letter sent July 28, and obtained by BuzzFeed News, asked for the number of Latino deaths resulting from police interaction during the last five years, as well as the immigration status of victims. The DOJ still has not responded to the request.

The highly-anticipated trip was meant to highlight climate change where the president said residents are already grappling with its everyday effects.