The Official Nick Offerman Aging Timeline

It’s hard to grasp, but our dear Ron Swanson has not always appeared so…manly. From a Little Leaguer to Diehard Chicago Cubs Fan, Nick Offerman has always embodied the spirit of rivalries. And he’s got the right gear. Head over to New Era to start your rivalry.

1. ~1976

Screencapped from an episode of “The Mortified Sessions,” here’s little Ron Swanson on his Little League team.

2. 1986

An UPROXX tipster shared these photos of Nick Offerman in high school, as well as this perfect description of it’s origin:

The photos are from Minooka High School 1986/87. I did not go there or know Nick, I am way too young. The photos are from a co-worker who went there but wasn’t in the same class as Nick. I had the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness hanging at my desk, when my co-worker walked by and said he knew Nick Offerman and they went to high school together. I didn’t believe him, so as proof he brought in his yearbook. He said Nick and him weren’t friends, but everyone at school knew who Nick was. He was popular, a very nice guy and in every school play.

9. 1992

Nick and his college roommate, Joe Foust.

10. 1999

Did you know that Nick Offerman was on The West Wing? He was!

12. 2000

Nick met fellow actress Megan Mullally in 2000, when they were in a play together. They were married in 2003.

13. 2001

Offerman even appeared on Mullally’s biggest show, Will & Grace, as a plumber who Karen (Mullally) kisses because her husband wants her to sleep with other people.

14. 2003

In an eyepatch on King of Queens.

15. 2004

Here he is in 2004’s November: a movie about a crazy Courtney Cox. He played a police officer.

16. 2005

In 2005 his Sin City cameo as “Shlubb” is practically unrecognizable.

17. 2007

“Mullally’s hubby, TV actor Nick Offerman, escorted his wife to the opening night bash.”

18. 2008

IMDB has some of the best photos of Offerman—which we assume are his headshots.

While his wife was working on the Broadway production of Young Frankenstein, Offerman decided to build a canoe. He mentioned that he was an actor when he ordered the plans for the boat, and the company asked him to do create a how-to video while he built it.

To be completely honest, we cannot figure out what year this picture is from but we desperately wanted to include it somewhere.

23. 2009

Here’s the Ron Swanson we all know and love. Offerman joined the cast of NBC’s Parks and Recreation in 2009—and soon, his famous deadpan attitude and illustrious mustache became legendary.

25. 2011

Look at these two! Could you just die?

Portraits of Offerman from his REAL, FUNCTIONAL woodshop in Chicago, called Offerman Woodshop.

Surrounded by all that wood…

Clean-shaven again on Letterman.

29. 2012

Appearing shirtless in Sundance promotional images.

A sneak peek at Offerman’s newest film, Casa de mi Padre, where he plays a guy wearing a tie and glasses (OK, we haven’t see it yet.)

Going head-to-head with White Sox fan Craig Robinson to prove that the Chicago Cubs are the best of all.

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