A Few Things That Will Melt Your Cold, Dead Heart

CHEER UP, IT’S NOT ALL BAD. Not convinced? Fine. Watch Netflix’s new original series - Derek - and I dare you to still maintain your grumpy grumbles.

So it’s one of those days, huh.

Nothing’s going your way.

Work is the worst. Deadlines are the worst. Everything is the worst.

You’re about ready to give up, and go back to sleep. We hear you.

But listen. There’s hope to turn it around. Want to give it a try?


1. Good. Now look at this guy, trying to help this bird get across the road without violating any personal space boundaries.

Isn’t this great?

No? Man. OK.

Let’s give it another go.

2. Now take a look at this girl. She’s got a message! For you!

3. Or how about this kid who isn’t letting his disability get in the way of being awesome?

What’s this? A glimmer of hope in your surly demeanor?

Chase that feeling. Here we go.

4. Quick! Watch this truck driver rescue this confused kitten.

Eh? EH???

5. Humans helping bears! Look at that happy mama bear.

A shrug? OK. That’s an improvement, I guess.

We forge on.


Is your heart growing?

Breakthrough moment. We’ll have you smiling yet.

7. What do you think they’re doing? Building a sand castle? Together? Adorably?


8. And look at this act of traffic kindness!

What a gentleman.


9. Let’s keep it rolling! DID YOU KNOW THAT CATS KNOW WHAT HUGS ARE??

Good news, right? We know.

10. Glad to see you’re feeling better. Let’s end this thing with a bang.


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