Everything You Need To Know About Peter Capaldi And The Twelfth Doctor

Malcolm Tucker as Time Lord? This is going to be good.

1. Many of us were like this when we found out that Matt Smith was leaving Doctor Who.

2. But, don’t fear, we now have Peter Capaldi as his replacement.

Photo: Rankin / Via ichef.bbci.co.uk

3. Here’s him in character:

4. So how did everyone react to the news? Positively.


Peter Capaldi could very well be the best thing to happen to Doctor Who in years.

— LaurenceTGreen (@Laurence Green)

Delighted to hear Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor, very good choice. Another Scot eh? Nice to have a more mature Doctor too. Bring it on!!

— SawbonesHex (@Colin Baker)

8. So where might you recognise Peter? Well… Malcolm Tucker from The Thick Of It OBVS.

9. … which probably explains why everyone kept tweeting this.


— MsTick68 (@Ali B)

Clara knocks on the TARDIS door The Doctor: COME THE FUCK IN OR FUCK THE FUCK OFF

— ryanfarrr (@Caitlin Moran)

"Fuck you you Dalek shit cunt. Fuck off!" - Dr. Peter Capaldi Who.

— rhysjamesy (@Rhys James)


— BickNaker (@Nicholas Baker)

Oh man. I can't wait for all the kids to google Peter Capaldi and get a best of Malcolm Tucker montage.

— ollymoss (@Olly Moss)

14. If you haven’t watched The Thick Of It yet, this is all you need…

15. Oh and this too, Malcolm Tucker from In The Loop.

Job done.

16. But that’s not all he’s been in. He’s been in LOADS. He was Sid’s Dad in Skins.

17. Randall Brown in series two of the shortlived BBC drama The Hour.

18. He played king Charles I in The Devil’s Whore in 2008.

19. Azolan in the Oscar nominated 1988 film Dangerous Liaisons.

20. Claude Langton in an episode of Prime Suspect in 1993.

21. Songs of Praise producer Tristan Campbell, in the Vicar of Dibley.

22. And Gareth in Rowan Atkinson’s Bean, in 1997.

23. This isn’t even Capaldi’s first role in Doctor Who. He had a role in a Tennant episode “The Fires of Pompeii.”

24. Which is why Amy Pond last night tweeted…

CAPALDI! Superb choice. Swear I've seen him in Pompeii...

— KarenGillan2 (@Karen Gillan)

25. He also played a civil servant in DW’s sister show Torchwood: Children of Earth.

26. In fact, his links to Doctor Who go back a long way. He wrote to the Radio Times when he was 15 to talk about Daleks.

Fan letter, signed 'Peter Capaldi age 15, Glasgow'

— Dollymopp (@Dollymopp Of London)

27. More recently he starred in World War Z. Guess the name of his character…


28. That’s not the end of his talents. Peter Capaldi is a director, and in 1995 he won an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film.

29. More recently, he directed the critically acclaimed BBC comedy Getting On.

30. As well as all that, rather amazingly, back in the day he was the lead singer in a Glasgow punk rock band called Dreamboys…

31. And who was the drummer in the Dreamboys?

32. Comedian Craig Ferguson, who now presents The Late Late Show in the US.

… who is a big fan of Doctor Who.

33. There’s a rather amazing chat between them two on his chat show here…

34. You’re now all up to date. Here’s the announcement if you missed it first time round.

35. He’ll be like this on Doctor Who (probably)

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