12 Reasons Why You Should Be Insanely Excited For Dracula

Get ready. Dracula is coming. And it is fantastic. Watch the series premiere of Dracula on Friday, October 25 at 10/9c on NBC.

1. The many ladies Dracula woos.

Look at that pile o’ ladies.

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2. The opportunity to hear Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ impeccable American accent.

C’mon, that’s always fun to listen to.

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3. The addictive revenge plot.

Every murderer has a motive.

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4. The epic action scenes.

Look at him leap.

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5. The manly strength.

NBC / Via gettyimages.com

Who wouldn’t wanna watch Jonathan Rhys Meyers throw people around?

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6. The incredible costumes.

The gowns, gloves, and coattails make you wanna ditch your jeans.

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7. The sexy scenes.

Very steamy.

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8. The blood.

Because what is a vampire show without that?

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9. The sensitive side to Dracula.

All monsters have a warm and fuzzy side, obviously.

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10. The arch nemesis.

NBC / Via gettyimages.com

Dr. Van Helsing, of course.

ID: 1810314

11. The Achilles’ heel.

I mean, look at that face.

ID: 1804146

12. And if anything, you get to stare at Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ body.


Oh, HI.

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NBC / Via Youtube
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