21 Things Atheist Girls Love

See you in hell — OH WAIT.

1. The Hitch

“Human decency is not derived from religion. It precedes it.” Christopher Hitchens, God is Not Great

ID: 1358083

2. Birth Control

Ain’t no shame in our contraception game.

ID: 1358090

3. Profanity

No invisible sky daddy is going to stop me using my full f**king range of expression!

ID: 1358239

4. Sitting down during the Pledge of Allegiance in school

Just like New Jersey student Chelsea Stanton!

ID: 1358095

5. Nature documentaries

Evolution in action! Chimps share 98% of our DNA, y’all!

ID: 1358274


Stringer / Reuters

You’re cool in our book. JUST KIDDING — we don’t have a book! Hand me that flag, girl!

ID: 1358256

7. Rocky Horror Picture Show

This means watching the movie, lip synching to the soundtrack, dressing up like the characters for Halloween, and announcing that you’re just a “Sweet Transvestite” to your high school friends.

ID: 1358343

8. Secular Holidays

You’re a cool dude, Mr. Lincoln!

ID: 1358249

9. Punk rock

Punk’s not dead — GOD IS! lololol.

ID: 1358294

10. Left-leaning social doctrines

REPRESENT: Paris, 1968 .

ID: 1358460

11. Bill Nye the Science Guy

Science rules!

ID: 1358420

12. Keeping abortion safe and legal

ID: 1358400

13. Stephen Fry

ID: 1358263

14. Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails

…Or is it just me?

ID: 1358430

15. Movies with a gleeful sense of violence

Luv u, Quentin. No good gangsters go to heaven.

ID: 1358329

16. James Deen

A nice Jewish boy.

ID: 1358342

17. Dinosaur bones

ID: 1358300

18. Sexual Expression

ID: 1358352

19. Irony

Irony is the antidote to fundamentalism. “The literal mind does not understand the ironic mind, and see it always a source of danger.”— Christopher Hitchens.

ID: 1358446

20. Sam Harris

Neuroscientist, atheist, sex god.

ID: 1358437

21. The concept of free will.

ID: 1358260

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