7 Things Busta Rhymes Looked Like At The BET Awards

No. Chill.

1. “Bubble Bass from SpongeBob.”

ID: 3250367
ID: 3250392

2. “That black dude from Futurama.”

ID: 3250365
ID: 3250394

3. “The Cheesecake Factory bag.”

ID: 3250371
ID: 3250397

4. “The damn Dance Dance Revolution game.”

busta rhymes look like the damn dance dance revolution game

— KARMYN' (@Karmdaddy)
ID: 3250375
ID: 3250399

5. “The dad from That’s So Raven.”

Busta Rhymes look like the dad from That's So Raven

— Cesar Nava (@_cesarnava_)
ID: 3250377
ID: 3250401

6. “Funky Kong.”

Busta Rhymes look like Funky Kong

— Cheeno (@xCheeno)
ID: 3250385

7. “A uncle Leroy or a auntie Ionna.”

busta rhymes look like a uncle Leroy or a auntie lonna

— wild. (@dellgotti)
ID: 3250379
ID: 3250403

Y𠆚ll need to leave Busta alone!

— allhiphopcom (@allhiphopcom)
ID: 3250380

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