Lady Gaga Really, Really Doesn’t Want You To See Terry Richardson’s "Do What U Want" Video

Recording industry watchdogs are still trying to scrub a clip from the scrapped video, leaked by TMZ, from the internet.

1. On June 19, TMZ unearthed a 33-second clip of a video Lady Gaga made with Terry Richardson and R. Kelly, but never oficially released.

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The video’s non-release coincided with reports of sexual misconduct by Richardson and R. Kelly. The video was “literally an ad for rape,” one anonymous source said.

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2. It would appear Gaga is still trying to scrub the video’s existence from memory.


International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, the non-profit “voice of the music industry worldwide,” sent BuzzFeed an email ordering the removal of the TMZ-hosted video clip, seemingly on behalf of Universal Music Group, the parent company of Gaga’s label, Interscope.

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3. Representatives for Lady Gaga, Universal Music Group, and TMZ did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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