13 Types Of People You Find In Restrooms

We aim to please, you aim too please.

1. The Shameless Pooper.

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2. The OCD Flusher

If it’s really necessary to flush three times, don’t make eye contact with anyone on your way out.

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3. Cool, don’t wash your hands

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4. Gassy McGee

Regretting that lunch burrito now, aren’t you?

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5. Mrs. Only Pees On The Seat

When you get into a stall and there’s pee on the seat.

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6. Toilet Twerkers

I wish there were more of these kinds of people.

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7. The Storyteller

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8. Restroom Rapport

I’m about to do something really gross, stop talking to me about your weekend with the family.

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9. The Thinker

Made worse when you’re waiting in line to…go.

ID: 1389587

10. The Reader

No, I don’t want to read that article when you’re done with it.

ID: 1389604

11. The Caller

Can you not catch up with your mom while I’m trying to take a peaceful dump next to you?


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12. Urinal, Myinal

ID: 1389735
ID: 1389736

13. You. You’re the perfect restroom goer. Never making anyone feel awkward, always cleaning up after yourself.

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Shout-out to my co-contributor @C_White123, you should send her a tweet from the seat. She likes those.

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