Normal People Posing Like Nicki Minaj Is The Best Fan Tribute Ever

Her Barbs are approaching flaw-free levels.

1. Nicki Minaj is the most flawless queen who has ever walked the earth.

Kevork Djansezian / Reuters
ID: 1840270

2. Millions of average human beings wish they could be this perfect.

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images
ID: 1840274

3. So what happens when sub-par earthlings try to imitate the sublime?

Kevork Djansezian / Reuters
ID: 1840272

4. It’s kind of magical really.

Instagram / Via
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5. A lot of her fans decided to show Nicki how much she’s influenced them using the hashtags #PoseLikeNicki and #YouTaughtMe.




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6. She even put some lucky followers on her Instagram, like this boy who knows how to be subtle like Nicki.

Instagram / Via
ID: 1840168

7. There were some who tried to copy Nicki’s scowl.

LMFAO !"@ThirstyForNicki: lmfaoo RT @IsThatZolanski: #PoseLikeNicki "@ConAdeAlec: Nic taugh this lil girl. """

— ✨BUNZ MINAJ✨ (@Blvck_Star)



LMFAO !”@ThirstyForNicki: lmfaoo RT @IsThatZolanski: #PoseLikeNicki “@ConAdeAlec: Nic taugh this lil girl. “”“

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ID: 1840129

8. And others who worked their best cat eye.

Instagram / Via
ID: 1840159

9. All good Barbs know that you have to put your legs in the air if you want Nicki’s jet life.

#PoseLikeNicki @NICKIMINAJ

— IG: @Devonnce (@Devonnce)

IG: @Devonnce


#PoseLikeNicki @NICKIMINAJ

/ Via
ID: 1840093

10. There were some who have clearly been practicing their kicks under a Nicki Minaj poster to get the perfect form.

Instagram / Via
ID: 1840166

11. But to truly be Nicki, one must know how to flaunt one’s assets…

Instagram / Via
ID: 1840164

12. While never forgetting to laugh at all of the weak haters…

ID: 1840243

13. And always remembering that every opportunity is a moment to shine.


— IG: onikv. (@morgansvengali_)

IG: onikv.



/ Via
ID: 1840147

14. A Barbie life is truly the only life to emulate.

Instagram / Via
ID: 1840165

15. It’s not the fashion that counts, it’s the pose.

ID: 1840219

16. And the intensity.

For goodness sake. RT @Shxq_: @NICKIMINAJ #YouTaughtMe

— toya. (@YesIAYL)



For goodness sake. RT @Shxq_: @NICKIMINAJ #YouTaughtMe

/ Via
ID: 1840151

17. And the Minajesty of it all.

Instagram / Via
ID: 1840169

18. But remember, no matter how hard you try…

ID: 1840477

19. You will never really be Nicki.

Sorry y’all.

ID: 1840472

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