Kelly Rowland Was The Most Flawless Human Of 2013

From the Super Bowl to “Kisses Down Low,” queen Kelly reigned supreme.

1. Kelly started her year off right by headlining the Super Bowl halftime show.

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2. It was really nice of her to let her old bandmates Beyonce and Michelle come along for the ride.

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She’s so kind.

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3. It was amazing.

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4. Then she managed to outshine every artist on the planet at this year’s Grammy Awards by wearing this unreal masterpiece.

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5. Like, how is this even a real person?

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6. Oh, and then she showed up at the Oscars and wore a super modern gown and had really flawless makeup.

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7. Yeah, she wore a bunch of great dresses this year.

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8. Then she graced the universe with her album Talk A Good Game.

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It’s her fourth solo album and easily her most cohesive release. It’s a place where slow burn jams like “Red Wine” feel at home next to the hooky “Street Life,” which has a nice Pusha T verse on it. And you can’t deny the Destiny’s Child reunion on the romantic “You Changed” is anything short of a blessing.

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9. She dropped an awesome video for her sexual empowerment anthem “Kisses Down Low.”

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10. She remained as flawless as ever.

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11. Like, incredibly so.

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12. She also dropped a video for her brave confessional “Dirty Laundry.”

In the song, she she opens up about being battered by an ex-boyfriend, struggling with her career, and feeling jealous of Beyonce. “Love is pain and pain is love,” she repeats over and over again as the song ends. It was a really courageous statement.

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13. It was so real.

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14. Obviously she went on tour and rocked really intense jean cutoffs.

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Daniel Zuchnik / Getty Images

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15. She also got rescued.

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16. This one time, she performed at the GLAAD media awards wearing all Olivia Pope-white.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images for GLAAD
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17. Because as anyone who is anyone knows…

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18. She also was the best judge on The X Factor.

Chris Pizzello/Invision / AP

Look at her pick on her weak sidekick.

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19. I mean, how could she not be. She’s emotionally raw.

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20. Honest.

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21. Awestruck.

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22. Critical.

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23. And flaw-free.

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24. Here’s to 2014, the next year of dominance for queen Kelly Rowlegend.

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