24 Problems Only Hairy Guys Will Understand

Hair, hair, everywhere.

1. Disposable razors just don’t do the job.

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2. The heat that comes with wearing a human sweater year round.

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3. Having to be on unibrow alert.

@Hans Surfer/@Hans Surfer
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4. Butt hair, enough said.

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5. People commenting on the exotic places that you have hair.

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6. Your “happy trail” is a happy highway.

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7. The deep V-neck is not a good look for you.

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8. Never really feeling 100% dry after getting out of the shower.

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9. If you and your partner are both hairy, the bathroom is a disaster area.

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10. No longer being able to get a tan on your entire torso.

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11. Being the first kid in school to have armpit hair.

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12. Some people just don’t find you attractive no matter what you do.

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13. “Are you doing Movember?”

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14. The cosmic irony of having tons of hair everywhere except your head.

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15. Getting food stuck in your facial hair all of the time.

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16. “Wow, you’re really hairy.”

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17. Thinking you have seaweed stuck to your back at the beach but it’s just your wet back hair.

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18. Regular butt crack is embarrassing enough… and then there’s yours.

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19. Hobbit feet.

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20. Leaving your partner covered in hair after shirtless…cuddling.

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21. It’s infeasible to shave/trim the hair on any part of your body because it would look like a negative space painting.

John Kelly/John Kelly
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22. Itching. Always.

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23. Larger chance of ingrown hairs.

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24. But hey, hairy dudes: Take heart! At least you don’t look like this:

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