• The arrival

    The arrival

    What’s this? A belated Christmas present? Don’t Mind if I do!

  • The discovery

    The discovery

    Awww how did you know I wanted a cat? Two cats at that. Universe you’re such a good friend!

  • A Whole lot of cat!

    A Whole lot of cat!

    Oh, dear. I think this one might be a little to large for me.

  • Hittin’ The Gym

    See tiny play…well kinda.

  • Showin’ it off!

    Showin' it off!

    Darn this is gonna be a lot of work!

  • Reward time!

    Reward time!

    I did good! I can haz treatz now? Paw-weez? Want to follow Tiny’s weight loss challenge? He now lives at the Fredericton SPCA You can also help Tiny with his weight loss by heading to chip-in In case above links decide to fail at life go old skoolz and copy and paste them… Tiny at the FSPCA:    class=”line-break”> Chip-in: