30 Things Everyone Goes Through When They’re Fasting

September 9 marks the last day of Paryushan, the super hardcore fasting week for Jains. With Yom Kippur occurring just a few days later, it’s like fasting is in the air.

1. Chewing on fingers.

Toes if you’re flexible enough.

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2. Dreaming of fast food.

BK Veggie… yyuummmm

ID: 1613708

3. Staring at empty plates and glassware.

You will soon be full of food.

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4. Pretending you’re lost in a desert

There are no supplies. Will magically acquire supplies at dusk.

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5. Smelling food you plan to eat.

Monday night. It’s going to be you and me, entire tub of ice cream. We’re going at it.

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6. Almost giving in.

Must. Stay. Strong.

ID: 1613673

7. Trying to eat paper.

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8. Staring at food.

I miss you, friend.

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9. Gathering all the food you plan to eat.

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10. Being grateful for those moments when you’re not craving food.

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11. Noticing how weird people look when they eat.

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12. Drop kicking food to stop yourself from eating it.

It was tempting me.

ID: 1613752

13. Considering eating weird things.

Okay, so not everyone does this…

ID: 1613843

14. Angrily chewing on random things

While praying, of course.

ID: 1614046

15. Asking yourself whether soap counts as food.

ID: 1614051

16. Dreaming of watermelon

ID: 1613766

Really…. this happens a lot.

ID: 1613760

Maybe that’s just me.

ID: 1613878

17. Thinking about world hunger.

Realizing people feel like this involuntarily.

ID: 1613858

18. Appreciating little things.

Like tomatoes. I miss you, tomato.

ID: 1613913

19. Understanding the meaning of self-control

ID: 1614023

20. Breaking a fast because you find out you’re pregnant

Okay, this happened once to a friend, so let’s mark it as an exception.

ID: 1613663

21. Considering eating grass.

ID: 1613834

22. Missing your favorite foods.

ID: 1614197

For me, that’s bananas

You can say I’m bananas for bananas. I wouldn’t even be mad.

ID: 1614209

and watermelon

Did I mention I like watermelon?

ID: 1614221

23. Licking a chopstick.

ID: 1613659

24. Licking anything

ID: 1613660

25. Having less energy than usual.

ID: 1614238

26. Figuring out why patience is a virtue.

ID: 1614243

27. Preparing to finally eat…

ID: 1614004

28. Forgetting how to yogurt.

Or whatever you break your fast with.

ID: 1613931

29. Binge eating after the fast

More poptarts please!

ID: 1613946

30. Forgetting your manners


ID: 1613882


Hey, Buzzfeed said this is how they do it in Japan.

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31. Bonus: Having a great time breaking fast with family and friends

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