26 Things That Cats Have Outgrown

No thank you to all-nighters, binge drinking, and bad decisions.

1. Wearing uncomfortable but “cool” outfits.

I make my own sense of fashion. IDC IDC IDC what you say.

ID: 1560471

2. Not eating fruit.

Dude. Antioxidants.

ID: 1560473

3. Going out.

Outside? Why? We can’t stay home? It’s Friday night though!

ID: 1560522

4. Being afraid of differences.

I will be friends with whoever I get along with. Screw what everyone else says.

ID: 1560527

5. Poor personal hygiene.

Showers are great. Cleanliness is awesome.

ID: 1560469

6. Waiting for someone to pay attention.

I’m totally fine asking for it. Love me, please. Now.

ID: 1560477

7. Binge drinking.

Unless its milk. Milk is awesome.

ID: 1560466

8. Not initiating a hug.

ID: 1560482

9. Letting friends make bad decisions.

Yes, I hid your keys, you punk. I’m not letting you drive drunk.

ID: 1560461

10. Chasing futile goals.

I’m 29. I’m not going to be a Victoria’s Secret model.

ID: 1560470

11. Hating their parents.


ID: 1560462

12. Hiding from responsibilities.

If I get it done now, I can do more later!

ID: 1560468

13. Scrutinizing their own flaws.

Is that a white hair? Good. I’m going to rock it. Its WISDOM.

ID: 1560479

14. Playing hard to get.

No, I’ll make the first move. Ain’t nobody got time fo that.

ID: 1560480

15. Thinking younger siblings are annoying.

No one worships me anymore :(

ID: 1560463

16. Pretentious clubs.

DJs don’t make real music. Sorry.

ID: 1560515

17. Waiting to show someone you love just how much you love them.

I will cuddle you to death for no reason on a Monday night. Watch out.

ID: 1560487

18. Freaking out over what someone said over social media.


ID: 1560492

19. Eating lots of candy.

Ugh. No thanks.

ID: 1560465

20. All these new toys.

What happened to legos?

ID: 1560513

21. Hating books.

Reading is awesome.

ID: 1560519

22. Figuring out new technology.

I just learnt that other… grrr….

ID: 1560520

23. Pool parties.


ID: 1560521

24. Parental criticism.


ID: 1560525

25. Disliking babies.

They’re … not… that bad. Maybe I want my own. Not right now, but someday.

ID: 1560526

26. Thinking that being holed up in a room is lame.

It’s the best. Gimme a cuddle buddy and I might never leave.

ID: 1560528

Growing up is scary.

Sometimes I don’t even know myself anymore, but I like the new me more.

ID: 1560460

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