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    • MsPrickleFinger

      I signed up to Buzzfeed just to comment on this post.Idon’t think you can compare Australian multiculturalism to London and New York-we do not haveabig population of people with African backgrounds. Yes, WhatstheFuss, we have heard of Aboriginal people but you can’t actually tell if some people are Aboriginal or not by watchingafashion show-some of these models may indeed be. It isn’t always that obvious to the eye who has Aboriginal heritage and who doesn’t-so looking for “black” people isn’t helpful. Also,I agree with dwaynep,Ihave lived in London as well as different cities in Australia andIthink that the representation of people in the fashion show largely represents the percentage of different cultural identities we have in the country. Australia is becoming more multicultural, whichIthink isagreat thing, but at the moment we really don’t haveahuge representation of different races of people from across the world.Ifound this whole post very unfair.