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FROM: Donald (

WHAT HAPPENED: So its not just this page… your mobile site looks like shit on my Motorola Droid Razr. The pictures don’t load right and this annoys me to the point of wanting to club newborn pandas. Please fix it. Pandas are an endangered species and I don’t wanna do it… but I will.

Thank you for making work suck less,


Hey Donald,

Thanks for the feedback.

Because Pandas and endangered, and I fear for their safety, I am responding quickly to your message.

We’ve been working hard to improve the user experience of the mobile website for the past few weeks (it’s really come a long way…). I’ve attached a screenshot of what the page you specified should look like in Android browsers. Does it look different on your Droid Razer? You’ve mentioned that the problem is not limited to this page, what specifically is wrong with how the pictures load? I’ve been testing on a few devices, but not your model. Any further info you have would be helpful.

Thanks again!

You have proven yourself a friend to the pandas. This pleases me.

When I click on a link (so I may be an informed American), the picture won’t resize to fit my screen. I then have to switch to landscape mode. If I don’t do that the pics are cut off.

When I hit back or clear on my phone to reach the previous page, it doesn’t go back. It loads the previous site I visited (which is usually porn).

So there you have it. You have a “loading previous page” issue and a “god damn pictures are cut off” issue.

Thanks for saving the pandas,


Hi Donald,

To illustrate the lengths that I would go to defend the lives of pandas, I stopped at a Verizon store last night and commandeered their Droid Razr to test out the some of the image posts. I’m afraid I could not replicate the problems you were having, as everything appeared correctly sized on a variety of posts, both in landscape and portrait mode. I’m going to continue to investigate this issue and we will continue to push out new versions in the coming months, one of which may hopefully fix your problem. In the meantime, please try our Android app which is also under constant development and should not suffer from the intricacies of the built-in web-browser.

I’ve attached my favorite Panda photo of 2011 as an apology. It’s two people dressed as pandas, carrying a baby panda. It’s adorable.

The pandas will live… for now. I will download the app immediately and will cherish the panda photo. You sir, have saved one of nature’s miracles from my wrath.

You make the word a better place,


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