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    • mscm2993

      in order: Jay Z -He will do anything to make a buck. Also he has a big hand in making the music industry into what it is today; a bunch of money hunger assholes who have taken the art out of the music.  Kanye West-he thinks he is a untouchable god, and because he said this shit: “are you into astrology Cause I’m, I’m tryin to make it to Uranus”  Beyonce she thinks she’s such a strong woman… She also treats music like it’s a bushiness. It should be an art. and this song called BOW DOWN listen here  Rihanna- thank you bitch, you had every teen and tween singing about S&M, you sick and twisted woman.  Nicki Minaj-“you a stupid hoe” “I’m ROMAN.” WTF? Lil’ Wayne- I’m twisted, door knob. (Featured on The Motto by Drake.
      Yea we in this bitch like tampons/ Dump you in the woods, get your camp on. (Gonorrhea, I Am Not A Human Being) —— DO I NEED TO EXPLAIN ANY MORE? Tyler the Creator- his music is full of occult symbolism and hate. But I do envy his kitty shirts and sweaters. Lady Gaga- when she first came on to the music scene I loved her. After her song Bad Romance it all went down hill from there.  The Kardashians- SO much drama over NOTHING. Seriously ladies grow the fuck up Kristen Stewart- Why do you look so nauseated all the time?  Chris Brown-Okay he is past his prime please move on. When I was like 16 I thought he was adorable.  Justin Bieber-I was like baby baby baby Shut the fuck up. He is probably going to look like he is 12 forever Demi Lovato- Her music is shit She does not deserve any of the praise she has received. Also she should not be judging on the X factor. That is for seasoned veterans  Selena Gomez- She is always going to look like she is 12 that’s why she and bieber should just stay together.  Ke$ha-I hate her because she sings the music that she is given. I don’t think she is actually a bad singer. After I heard her do a cover of Bob Dylan’s song Don’t think twice it’s all Right and the song dead flowers by the Rolling Stones I was convinced that her record label has ruined a possible great talent.