How It Feels Going Through Victoria’s Secret As A Man

I can speak for most men when I say that it is extremely awkward and anxiety-provoking when we walk into a Victoria’s Secret. Yeah, we may be exaggerating, but think about it…

“Let’s go into Victoria Secret, I need a bra,” she said.

Then you think about whether you should stay outside or go inside…

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1. Wait outside and awkwardly bust out your cellphone to text or pretend to call someone so you don’t look like a loser.


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Facing your fears is part of being a man.

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3. First thing you see…

Oh, clothes. Nice.

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4. the further you go…

Nice, bras.

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5. “I’m going to try this on,” she says.

“Don’t be silly! You’ll be fine,” as she leaves to the back.

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6. Now it’s time to drift to the furtherest, most non-populated region of the store.

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7. Wait… is that (acquaintance you know from work or school)?!

Oh @#$%, now I look like a pervert. Panic-mode sets in. WHERE IS MY FRIEND?!

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8. Then, they see you.

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10. You awkwardly wave back and keep on walking.

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11. Now you are thinking to yourself - “Man, what did I get myself into…”

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13. Your friend comes back and decides not to purchase anything or shop anymore. Inside you’re like:

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14. and on the outside…

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15. Knowing that you came out alive.

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