Team USA’s Opening Ceremony Uniform Goes For A Bold New Look

The Christmas sweater of athletic uniforms.

1. Back in October, 100 days before the Olympics, Team USA unveiled the uniform its members would wear to the closing ceremonies in Sochi.

Mike Stobe / Getty

2. The Ralph Lauren-designed outfit is made in America and features “slim-fitting white fleece athletic pants” and “sporty black leather boots with red laces.”

Mike Stobe / Getty

3. It also includes a “navy wool pea coat adorned with a red banner stripe and patriotic patches.”

AP Photo/Ralph Lauren

4. This morning, the uniform for the opening ceremony was unveiled. It’s a lot like the uniform above…with one major change:


5. The pea coat was replaced with a “a meticulously knit patchwork cardigan highlighted with handcrafted details and emblazoned with stars and spirited graphics.”

P Photo/Ralph Lauren



According to Lindsay Hogan, the Senior Director of Marketing Communications for the U.S. Olympic Committee, Team USA always has “two different looks, one for each ceremony.” As far as why the pea coat was the only thing to drastically change, well, that seems to be an artistic choice. So what do you guys think? Which one is better?

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