The Most Stereotypical Jets Fan Is An Obnoxious 7-Year-Old Kid

“Your defense so sucks”

When it comes to football, New York Jets fans are unapologetically brass, and they have no problem talking shit. In fact, they revel in it. It’s not enough to win the game, but Jets fans also have to make sure that you hate your life because your team is so bad.

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And apparently that sort of obnoxious behavior starts at a very young age, as evidenced by this 7-year-old kid, who started yelling at a Buccaneers fan on opening weekend:

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At first it was kind of cute, but that cuteness quickly went away, as the little Jets fan continued to berate the Bucs fan.

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And then he just became aggressive, telling the guy to shut his mouth and pay attention.

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Capping it off with yet another declaration to keep his mouth shut.

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What a precious little angel.

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7. Watch the video below:

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