The Manning Brothers Have Mastered Rap Music

Well, sort of. They made a music video.

1. First they were Football Cops.

Watch them in action HERE.

ID: 1474621

2. Wait, no. First they were brothers.

Bill Frakes / Getty Images
ID: 1474625

3. Then they became football players.

New York Daily News Archive/ / Getty Images
ID: 1474627

4. Then it was Football Cops.

ID: 1474630

5. Anyway, now they’re rappers.

ID: 1474634

6. Hardcore rappers.

ID: 1474638

7. Okay, maybe not THAT hardcore, but who cares?

ID: 1474648

8. You don’t need to be hardcore or good at rapping to be entertaining.

ID: 1474809

9. Look, even Archie’s getting into it.

ID: 1474956

10. Check out the music video:

ID: 1474657

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