The Best Movie Trailer About A Baseball-Playing Korean Gorilla You’ll Ever See

Probably based on a true story. An awesome true story.

A trailer came out recently for a Korean baseball gorilla movie called Mr. Go. I have no idea when it hits theaters because I do not speak nor read Korean, but here’s basically what happens:

ID: 1377637

2. Okay, so there’s this girl. And she’s friends with a gorilla.

ID: 1377403

3. And they become the main attraction at the circus.

ID: 1377431

4. But then buildings fall down.

ID: 1377553

5. So they join a baseball team.

ID: 1377478

6. And guess what…

ID: 1377557

7. The gorilla is awesome at baseball!

ID: 1377513

8. And so helicopter man is like, “Go back to the circus!”

ID: 1377596

9. Then more stuff happens.

ID: 1377608

10. And gorilla bomb.

ID: 1377610

Basically, it’s the best movie ever.

ID: 1377622

12. Watch the trailer:

ID: 1377371

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