Nike Prints North Carolina Shirt With A Picture Of South Carolina On It

Ah, so close.

1. This is North Carolina.

ID: 1378451

2. That’s where the Carolina Panthers play.

ID: 1378460

3. This is South Carolina.

ID: 1378462

4. No professional sports teams play there, though Jadeveon Clowney could probably beat the Bills by himself.

ID: 1378473

5. And this is a Carolina Panthers shirt that was recently sold by Nike.

ID: 1378376

6. Notice anything?

ID: 1378484

7. Nike put the Panthers logo and the letters “NC” on the state outline of South Carolina.

ID: 1378538

8. This is what it should actually look like.

ID: 1378654

NIke has since apologized for the misprint and removed the shirt from its web store.

ID: 1378383

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