Introducing The Hot Dog Kayak Of San Francisco Bay

Yet another reason to check out a Giants game: a sausage boat. posted on

McCovey Cove is the unofficial name of the bay beyond the right field wall of AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants. Fans without tickets “park” their kayaks and boats out there to capture the atmosphere of the game and hopefully track down the occasional home-run ball.

And last night, ESPN decided to treat these fans to free hot dogs via their own kayak cart, because, hey, everybody loves a free wiener distributed from a stranger in a kayak.

We’re handing out free hot dogs tonight to fans in McCovey Cove for #LADvsSF." target="_blank">">#LADvsSF. Introducing, the #HotDogKayak" target="_blank">">#HotDogKayak ->

The #HotDogKayak" target="_blank">">#HotDogKayak is REAL, and it’s handing out free hot dogs in McCovey Cove tonight on @ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.

The #HotDogKayak" target="_blank">">#HotDogKayak in action!

Nothing like enjoying a dog at the ballpark -or- in a kayak in McCovey Cove #HotDogKayak" target="_blank">">#HotDogKayak #LADvsSF" target="_blank">">#LADvsSF on ESPN

Thank you @espn" target="_blank">">@espn for feeding us in #SFGiants" target="_blank">">#SFGiants McCovey Cove. We kayakers are so grateful! @MLBRT" target="_blank">">@MLBRT #hotdogkayak" target="_blank">">#hotdogkayak

7. Hey, ESPN…

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