Fantastically Loud Shrieking Spurs Fan Ruins Amazing Game For Everyone

This double-overtime thriller will forever be known as “The Screaming Spurs Lady Game.”

Tim Sharp / Reuters

Last night the San Antonio Spurs played the Golden State Warriors in a game that went into double overtime. Stephen Curry scored 44 points and Manu Ginobli hit the game-winning 3-pointer with 1.2 seconds left to play. It was quite a game, with many fine performances.

Despite this, the only person ANYONE could think about during or after the game was a woman screaming in the stands whose high-pitched shrieks of excitement were inadvertently picked up by TNT’s microphones.

Here is how it basically played out for everybody watching the game on TV:

Bear in mind this is just one clip. There was much, much more screaming.

That doesn’t sound like a noise any human or animal has ever made before. It sounds like a dying cartoon blimp in a really messed-up Pixar movie.

That woman is screaming like she's being murdered, which she probably is because of her screaming.

— thesportsgeeks (@The Sports Geeks)

The Sports Geeks


That woman is screaming like she’s being murdered, which she probably is because of her screaming.

That pretty much sums it up.

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