8 Amazing Sculptures Made From CDs, LPs And Tapes

A Japanese artist is turning old records into remarkable art.

1. Lyota Yagi designed a moving record player and a track made of vinyl records to create a playable (and endless!) installation.

ID: 727628

Here’s the full track with the tiny record player in the center.

ID: 727631

2. Yagi made these striking images by scraping the aluminum from CDs and pasting it into new shapes.

ID: 727623

5. And Yagi didn’t forget about the trusty cassette tape…

ID: 727638

6. He updated the classic tape with new supply wheels.

ID: 727665

7. Yagi also turned a record player into a pottery wheel that changes the pitch of the record as he throws a tiny pot.

ID: 727753

8. And in 2009, he made a playable record out of ice.

The Swedish band Shout Out Louds released an ice record this year on Merge Records.

ID: 727767

H/T Designboom.

ID: 727617

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