18 Grinches Driven To Rage By Christmas Music

C’mon guys, it’s only once a year… posted on


Whoever decided it would be a good idea to blast christmas music over the pa between classes deserves a punch in the face.


I hate traffic & I hate Christmas music and the fact that im stuck on I35 listening to Christmas music makes me want to chew my own arm off


About to faint in shopping centre and it smells like pee and I'm angry and ripping hair out and presents and stoP playing christmas music


When I hear Christmas music I instantly feel a stabbing pain throughout my entire body


After a while, all I hear when I listen to Christmas music is a cacophony of tortured screams, accompanied by the crackling of hellfire.


Christmas music is fine, it's whatever, but to my cube mate playing the chipmunks version, I will eventually stab you in the face #nerd" target="_blank">">#nerd


My mom playing Christmas music makes me want to throw the radio in a blender.


Christmas music is supposed to make you feel happy but it just pisses me off and makes me angry.


the sound of my mom chopping celery and christmas music makes me want to die


If I hear another fucking Wham Christmas song I'm gonna set this place on fire #ihatechristmasmusic" target="_blank">">#ihatechristmasmusic


Listening to Christmas music in Einsteins while stressing for finals makes me want to punch everyone in the face.


Whoever decided at Hays that the combination of country Christmas and Christmas R&B power ballad music would work, needs a kick in the head.


if you can be angry while listening to christmas music you are obviously satan.


I honestly hate the Chipmunks' christmas music. Everytime I hear it it makes me want to make a chipmunk pelt.


Faith Hill found Christmas? Good for her. Now maybe she'll find laryngitis. #iHateChristmasMusic" target="_blank">">#iHateChristmasMusic


Christmas music just makes me want to learn how to play the trumpet

This one could go either way, I guess…


my sister's playing christmas music on her trumpet and i want to shoot myself #ihatechristmasmusic" target="_blank">">#ihatechristmasmusic

Wait, do these two people know each other?

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