18 Cool DIY Ways To Use Your Old CDs

Whether you’re in the middle of some Zen-like possessions purge, or just switching to vinyl and MP3s, here are fun ways to repurpose your discs.

1. Cut out tiny tiles to make a disco ball.

Make a few tiny ones for tree ornaments, and then use them again for a New Year’s Eve party.

ID: 708235

You can make it this way too, without chopping up the discs.

ID: 712631

2. Cut up CDs and make animal sculptures.

ID: 706037

The Australian artist Sean Avery made these owl and meerkat sculptures.

ID: 707840

3. Re-create “The Rainbow Fish.”

Remember how much The Rainbow Fish taught you about being an individual? It’s time to pay tribute with your old CDs.

ID: 706234

4. Hang a few in your garden.

Hanging old CDs in your garden is a good way to redirect sunlight to areas that get less sun, and a few dangling CDs can make a scarecrow much more effective. This also works well for chicken coops.

ID: 707680

5. Put a few in your bag during hikes to use as emergency signal mirrors.

More about signal mirrors here.

ID: 707728

6. Stack them up to make this cool lamp.

ID: 707744

7. Use a CD-R spindle to keep your bagel fresh.

ID: 707936

8. Make some installation art.

Bruce Munro made this landscape, titled “Blue Moon On A Platter,” out of used compact discs at Waddesdon Manor in England.

ID: 712633

9. Use one as an ice scraper in a pinch.

If you don’t have any tossable CDs, jewel cases are also an option for this one.

ID: 707736

10. Erase your data with mini tesla coils.

ID: 706858

11. Or with a motor and a pin.

ID: 706862

12. Or in the microwave.

You shouldn’t do this one, since it’ll probably make your food taste bad.

ID: 706868

13. Use a balloon to make this hovercraft toy.

ID: 707802

14. Cut them into scrapers for dirty pots and pans.

ID: 708294

15. Make your own guitar picks.

Instructables has a great guide for making guitar picks with just scissors and a marker, but if you’re going to make a ton of picks, you might want to invest in The Pick Punch.

ID: 707948

16. Add a reflector to your bike.

ID: 707908

17. Nail one to a post as a driveway reflector.

ID: 707978

18. Make a weird, probably uncomfortable chair.

This sculpture is made out of “4,000 CDs, weighs at least 150 pounds, barely fits through doors, and plugs into an electical outlet.”

ID: 712635

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