15 Shocking Gifs That You Can’t Unsee

You’ve been warned. The debauchery begins when Movie 43, the biggest, sickest, most twisted comedy of the year, hits theatres on January 25th. We promise you’ll laugh, but we can’t guarantee you’ll respect yourself in the morning.

1. This pleasant meal.

ID: 819761

2. This actress with a strong brow.

ID: 819768

3. This superhero team roll call.

ID: 819782

4. This Academy Award-winning actress blowing out a blind kid’s candles.

Movie 43 / Via youcantunseeit.com
ID: 819784

5. This loving mother, deep in thought.

ID: 819785

6. This peckish pelican.

ID: 819792

7. This hungry, hungry birthday girl.

ID: 819802

8. This innocent proposition between lovers.

Movie 43 / Via youcantunseeit.com
ID: 819806

9. This surprised pooch.

ID: 819812

10. This mystery vixen.

ID: 819820

11. This sensible chap.

ID: 819831

12. This sneaky eagle.

ID: 819838

13. This overenthusiastic pooch.

ID: 819844

14. This rubbery lass.

ID: 819886

15. This foul-mouthed leprechaun.

Movie 43 / Via youcantunseeit.com

So, what exactly is Movie 43? It’s the year’s sickest, most twisted comedy, and it’s only in theatres January 25th.

ID: 819912

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