How To Overcome Anything

As told through cat GIFs.

Having a bad day? Maybe you need a friend to jump in and help you out.

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Sometimes LIFE happens and we have no clue how to react.

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You might be a little overwhelmed at first.

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Or like, really freaked out.

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But that’s totally ok, because everyone has days where they’re blindsided

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What’s important is remembering that you’re awesome

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And can handle any challenge that comes your way

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Because you are innovative, and quick on your feet

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Sometimes being innovative means there’s a risk of failure

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Or that you might fall a bit short

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Remember not to beat yourself up about it

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But it’s more likely that you’re going to kick this obstacle’s ass

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So get busy!

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Because you’re going to totally nail it

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And you’ll get the recognition you deserve for it, too

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The rest will be smooth sailing.

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