17 Reasons Buster Bluth Dances To The Beat Of A Different Drum

LET’S GET READY FOR THE NEW SEASON! Buster Bluth is the loveable/grown up-child, in the TV show Arrested Development. He is very attached to his mother, has clumsy tendencies, and spooks easily. Below are 17 examples of how Buster dances to the beat of a DIFFERENT drum.

1. He has to stand up to “Mother” indirectly.

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2. He gets such a kick out of real work.

[Laughing Hysterically] “One of the guys told me to take my head out of my bottom and get back to work.”

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3. He gets afraid when people ring the doorbell.

ID: 1112283

4. He is easily spooked and is prone to temper tantrums and lashing out.

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5. Lord knows where his hand has been..!

ID: 1112277

6. Often times he forgets he has a hook at the end of his hand…did I mention he’s very clumsy?

Where is your hand?

ID: 1112290

I’m having my high school ring put on it.

ID: 1112291

And it’s stuck in the staircar.

ID: 1112292

One day earlier.

ID: 1112294

7. He goes through phases…

ID: 1112297

He messes with his brothers (as any good brother should).

ID: 1112298

8. He thinks he’s tricked his family into believing he’s joined “Army”.

ID: 1112299

9. See, he has the uniform…he really did join “Army”.

ID: 1112307

10. He gets along with the inlaws.

ID: 1112300

11. Naturally, he doesn’t want, his two leading ladies, to have anything to do with one another.

ID: 1112301

12. He’s a monster.

ID: 1112302

13. …And half machine

ID: 1112309

14. He’s easily bullied.

ID: 1112303

15. He reports to his dad.

ID: 1112304

16. He’s an impeccable dancer/fighter…

ID: 1112305

17. He’ll always be the Bluth Baby…

ID: 1112310

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