12 Totally Unoriginal Poses To Avoid!

Aren’t you sick of receiving senior/family portraits with the same “edgy” poses on them? Here’s a compilation of some of those annoying and unoriginal poses that you should try to avoid!

1. THE BRICK WALL - I want to brick wall the brick wall pose.

It seems like every “modern” family is getting their brick wall portraits these days!

Just say NOOOOOOO to the brick wall!!!! If not for yourself, do it for your friends and family.

2. THE RAILROAD - Every senior has to have their edgy railroad pic to send to all their relatives…

You can always add your own “flare” to make this “hip” pic even “hipper”.

You don’t always have to sit on the rail either, you can just pose with it too.

3. THE OLD CAR - Somethin’ about them, just makes people wanna get all their important pics with them.

Combo Alert: We’ve got the forced smile, the look-away, and the old car. Very nice.

Yep, you can do your senior pics and your wedding pics with “THE OLD CAR” pose.

“THE OLD CAR” pose just screams, “I GRADUATED!”

4. THE HAND IN HAIR - By far, the most popular pose.

A great way to take your “ordinary” gal and turn her into your “extraordinary” gal.


Ooooh… The look-away compliments the hand in the hair any day.

6. THE NATURE COUCH - What an “original” and “unique” idea…

Perfect for any quirky lady.

Nothing says, “I’m so spunky,” like a couch in nature.

7. THE CHAINLINK - Fencing has never been so popluar…

And it works for him or her.

It just screams, “SPORTS!!!!” So original.

8. THE FORCED LAUGH - Forcing laughter makes you seem so popular and genuinely happy.

It looks natural, I swear.

Nope. Not awkward at all.

THE FRAME HOLDER - This is one atrocity that is unforgivable.

Don’t do it.

A cake topper? Oh no she didn’t.

THE LOOK-AWAY - Nothing says, “I’m not trying,” better…

Fun for the whole family.

It’s not posey at all!

9. THE GRASS LOVER - And not the good kind.

Gosh, just do something less creepy next time, okay?

10. THE SNIFFER - This is sooo corny

And very popular with naked pregnant ladies…At least they have some sort of hormonal excuse.

11. THE COOL CAT - It speaks for itself

This screams, “I was popular in high school!”

The Cool Cat is totally out of my league…

THE TAKING A DUMP - Very popular with the youth.

Squatter’s gotta squat.

Squat all day, like a boss.

THE DIPPER - Amateur hour

She paid someone to take this pic.

12. THE TOUCHER - When all else fails, touch yourself.

It looks totally natural.

Yeah, you don’t look awkward to me, at all.

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