The Definitive Ranking Of Monopoly Special Editions

This is MONOPOLY. There are many editions, but these are the best ones.

10. America

MONOPOLY is basically as American as apple pie (as in, one of the pieces is literally an apple pie), so it’s only fitting that there be an even-more-American-than-just-Atlantic-City version.

9. Millennium

Those bold enough to invest in an edition of MONOPOLY that they might’ve never gotten to play (because of that whole Y2K and the world ending thing) were wise indeed. This puppy packs translucent money (what’s more modern than translucent stuff?), modernized playing tokens, and stackable houses.

8. Junior

Unless you were Mr. Monopoly reincarnate, chances are you got your start in the MONOPOLY circuit with its younger brother, MONOPOLY Junior. It’s quick, the math is easy, and who doesn’t like roller coasters?

7. Australia

Featuring Australia’s most notable locations and a koala token, we’re obviously putting this on the list. It has a koala token.

6. Nintendo

Combining one of the greatest board games of all-time with one of the greatest gaming companies of all-time is a no-brainer. There’s nothing more satisfying than making people pay rent to Mario.

5. USA Greatest Cities


Not only do you get beautiful photography of the greatest destinations in the U.S. of A., but you get trivia and even dice that are red, white, and blue.

4. .com

The MONOPOLY for millennials who have never been to Atlantic City, but would look it up on Google before they would ever go there. Each property is one of the hottest websites (ahem, of the early 2000s, at least), and Mr. Monopoly (at his computer, no less) moves around the board and can shut down your site, rendering it “offline” and preventing you from collecting rent.

3. Revolution

First of all, the board is round. Secondly, if you go to jail, it makes a door-slamming sound. Third, it has a calculator, so you don’t even have to do math. Quite the revolutionary version, no?

2. Star Wars Classic Trilogy

We’re not going to argue against each Star Wars set having its own merits, but this is the one that started it all, so tribute must be paid. With hotels that’re either Millennium Falcons or Star Destroyers, it’s a whole lot more fun than your traditional BnB.

1. Franklin Mint

If you’re tired of playing MONOPOLY like some peasant, there is no more ostentatious way to do it than with the Franklin Mint set. With houses, an actual real estate portfolio, and hotels covered in gold, there’s no other set that makes you feel like more of a capitalist than this.

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