Unintentionally Rude Buildings That You Can’t Unsee

In honour of China’s state-run newspaper and propaganda machine People’s Daily erecting the most phallic building this world has ever seen. They just upped a long-running game.

1. Beijing’s People’s Daily Headquarters

The architect, Zhou Qi told the news site “People say it’s like a chamber pot, or a penguin. So what? There are always these voices. I don’t mind a bit.”

Uh, we can think of something else it looks like.

2. Berlin’s former NSA listening station

Because James Bond shouldn’t have a monopoly on making spying sexy.

3. Barcelona’s Casa Mila

The famed Spanish architect Gaudi, or should we say Gau-dong’s, finest work?

4. London’s 30 St Mary Axe (also known as “the Gherkin”)

Or, that building at least one tourist in London will do this to, every day.

5. New Mexico’s SpacePort

And if you’re tired of all the phallic imagery, here’s one for the ladies.

6. New Delhi’s Lotus Temple

At least it’s not pink.

7. Tokyo’s Asahi Beer Hall

Sperm or turd? Take your pick of rude things.

8. Beijing’s Iconic Best

OK so most of these buildings (Bird Nest Olympic Stadium, China Central Television, People’s Daily and Shanghai Conference Center) don’t look rude on their own, but with a little photoshop … orgy-some!

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