31 Songs With Outrageously Epic Intros


Don’t forget to click “unmute” in the top left corner of the Vines. And links to the full songs by clicking the captions below!

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1. The Rolling Stones, ‘Start Me Up’

This is the sonic equivalent of a song revving.

ID: 2660539

2. Arctic Monkeys, ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor’

An intro that barrels in with the youthful energy of a bucket of puppies.

ID: 2720114

5. Guns N’ Roses, ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’

Warning, epic riff ahead. Locate air guitar.

ID: 2720124

7. The Arcade Fire, ‘Wake Up’

Layered like a ten-stack intro sandwich.

ID: 2660698

9. ABBA, ‘Dancing Queen’

Entering on the wooooosh of a piano slide!

ID: 2660787

10. Rage Against The Machine, ‘Killing In The Name’

30 seconds of deadly tension before BOOM!

ID: 2660523

11. Baauer, ‘Harlem Shake’


ID: 2660695

12. Dr. Dre, ‘The Next Episode’ ft. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Nate Dogg

Did the motherfucking D-O-Double-G even need an intro?

ID: 2660533

14. Sweet, ‘Ballroom Blitz’

This soundoff intro was such rock & roll gold it’s been repurposed in other songs by bands like The The and My Chemical Romance.

ID: 2660764

15. Beyoncé, ‘Crazy In Love’ ft. JAY Z

So joyous, so upbeat. Just like their love, yo.

ID: 2660688

17. Dire Straits, ‘Money For Nothing’

Sting with an ethereal falsetto rising on a building wave of sound.

ID: 2660547

18. Europe, ‘The Final Countdown’

So bad, it’s good. Same for the perms.

ID: 2660731

20. Sir Mix-A-Lot, ‘Baby Got Back’

“Ah Mah Gawd, Becky look at her butt.”

ID: 2660770

21. Lady Gaga, ‘Bad Romance’


ID: 2660552

22. The Whites Stripes, ‘Seven Nation Army’

Here’s a song that knows how to strut in strong and sexy.

ID: 2660560

24. Van Halen, ‘Hot For Teacher’

Difficulty rating 10 on that opening drum solo.

ID: 2660555

25. Deep Purple, ‘Smoke on the Water’

Great riff? Or the greatest riff?

ID: 2660700

29. INXS, ‘Never Tear Us Apart’

So chilling and sad it was used in Donnie Darko.

ID: 2660602

30. Gerry Rafferty, ‘Baker Street’

Proof the sax needs to come back.

ID: 2660565

31. Ludwig Van Beethoven, ‘5th Symphony in C Minor’

The world’s most famous four notes.

ID: 2660616

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