Wedding Planning: Expectations Vs. Reality

It won’t all look like a Pinterest search.

1. The Proposal: Expectation

Your hair and makeup will be perfect.

2. The Proposal: Reality


You’re so overwhelmed with emotion that an ugly cry will come out.

3. Dress Shopping: Expectation

Yes to the very first dress.

4. Dress Shopping: Reality

There’s plenty of time to lose the weight, right?!

5. Guest List: Expectation

Danielle Oliver / Via Facebook: dgailoliver

All your closest friends!

6. Guest List: Reality

Fine, we can cut those 97 people. We weren’t that close anyway, I suppose.

7. Flowers: Expectation

8. Flowers: Reality

Great! We’re staying within budget!

9. Band: Expectation

11. Engagement Photo Shoot: Expectation

12. Engagement Photo Shoot: Reality

13. Catering: Expectation

Who cares if it’s weird? It’s fancy as hell.

14. Catering: Reality

Freshness is not a priority.

15. Bachelorette Party: Expectation

16. Bachelorette Party: Reality

17. Planning Honeymoon: Expectation

18. Planning Honeymoon: Reality

19. Happily Ever After: Expectation

20. Happily Ever After: Reality

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