16 Signs You’re The Only Latina/Latino At The Office

I’m Peruvian-American — yes, I said “American.”

1. People think it’s PK to be informal and say “hey, girl” even though you’re over 18.

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Last time I was a “girl” was before I went to Princeton, b*tches.

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2. When you are eating “Mexican” food at your work’s cafeteria, people come up to you and say, “Ooh, that looks amazing!”

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You just forgot to bring lunch today. This food isn’t even “Mexican.”

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3. You speak Spanish once and everyone thinks you’re Mexican.

Cuatro / Via bbs.clutchfans.net

Although…even if you’re not Mexican, you’d cheer for them if no other U.S. or Latin American team made it to the World Cup finals.

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4. Kissing on the cheek can be so automatic, sometimes you have to catch yourself.

Luckily, some friends have traveled abroad and understand.

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5. You get the “no, where are you really from?” question

Raise your hand if you were born and raised in NYC, LA, Miami, or San Antonio!

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6. People have said you look like whichever Latino/Latina celeb they know.

If you know who Selena Quintanilla is though… you may not be half bad.

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7. When you say your goal is to be a boss or elected official, people smile in a patronizing way.

CNN / Via deadline.com

When can we finally have a Latin@ president?!

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8. Some have said, “Oh, you’re from Peru? We had a nanny from there!”

Being a nanny is an admirable profession that requires hard work, but I hope the next time you meet someone who has my current profession you’ll also say, “Oh, we had a lawyer who is Peruvian!”

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9. If you’re not the physical stereotype of what people think Latin@s looks like, they can’t believe you identify as Latin@.

So many Latin American countries have rich histories due to migration from China, Japan, Lebanon, South Korea, Italy, Hungary, Mozambique, Angola, Congo, etc.

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10. You thought one of your friends was cool but then they say something offensive.

Good thing you already have friends.

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11. You feel that you have to work harder than others to prove yourself.

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Remember that you’re already awesome. Haters are gonna hate, as they say.

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12. Someone else takes credit for your work or idea.

Our boss knows I lead and contributed to the work the most, so go ahead, no one will want to work with you.

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13. You have to build your own professional network even though the privileged new hire is given a network because his dad is COO.

You’re better for it!

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14. Co-workers don’t understand why you need to take Christmas Eve off.

Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via charliebrownchristmasgifs.tumblr.com

We open our presents before you do, hehehe.

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15. You know that la lucha sigue, the struggle continues.

Joel Levine / Via en.wikipedia.org

You know that although you’re the only Latin@ in the room, others look to you to pave the way. We all want you to succeed!

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16. Despite all this, you’re the most awesome person at work because you’ve accomplished so much even though you started at an unlevel playing field.

MTV / Via mtv.com

Go get ‘em.

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