11 Reasons You Should Be Happy It’s Monday

Monday is a lot of things, but above all else it’s a clean slate. Don’t miss the premiere of Monday Mornings, the all-new series from award-winning producer David E. Kelley. Premieres TONIGHT, 2/4, at 10PM, only on TNT.

1. That concert you went to on Saturday night.

2. And that after-party that got a little out of hand.

3. Where you spent way too much time on the dance floor.

4. Wearing that hip new hat you bought.

5. And throwing back a few too many drinks.

6. But your friends got a little too crazy and had to “leave” early.

7. So you got a ride home with a stranger.

8. Tried to fit in a quick post-party workout sesh.

9. Drearily watched the home shopping network.

10. Spent WAY too much money on impulse buys you don’t really need.

11. And passed out in bed.

New week = new beginning.

So cheers, and remember: T.G.I. Monday.

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